Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange Hosts Stakeholder Engagement Forum for African Exchanges Linkage Project

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania -April 12, 2023-The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) hosted a stakeholder engagement Forum for the African Exchanges Linkage Project (AELP) on April 5, 2023, in Tanzania. The event brought together 28 participants, including the stock exchange, stockbrokers, securities dealers, and representatives from the CSD and Registry Company Limited (CSDR). The aim was to discuss opportunities for regional cooperation and collaboration in capital markets through the AELP.

The African Exchanges Linkage Project is an initiative aimed at promoting interconnectivity and collaboration among African stock exchanges to drive economic growth and development. Initiated by the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) and supported by the African Development Bank, the
the project seeks to foster the integration of African capital markets, promote liquidity, and enhance access to capital for businesses and investors across the continent

During the session, Ms. Lina Tonui, Project Manager AELP, shared insights on the AELP and its potential benefits for the DSE and its stakeholders. The AELP could open new investment opportunities for Tanzanian investors, allowing them to access a broader range of financial instruments and diversify their investment portfolios. The project would also attract more foreign investors to the DSE, leading to increased liquidity and trading volumes.

Speaking at the engagement session, Ms. Mary Mniwasa, Acting CEO of DSE, said,  “We are delighted to host Ms. Lina Tonui for this stakeholder engagement session, and we are looking forward to the potential of the African Exchanges Linkage Project. We believe that this initiative will not only facilitate cross-border investment flows but also contribute to the development of our own market and the overall integration of African capital markets. With stockbrokers and securities dealers being an integral part of the project, we have decided to engage all stakeholders in these early stages as we plan to join the AELP

DSE’s strategic vision is to be a preferred avenue for capital raising and sustainable investment by providing sustainable investment opportunities and an efficient allocation of capital to support economic growth in the region. By participating in the AELP, DSE aims to further position itself as a leading exchange in Africa and attract more cross-border investors to Tanzania. Other exchanges that have been confirmed and onboarded for Phase 2 include Botswana Stock Exchange and Ghana Stock Exchange. ASEA envisions onboarding a total of eight exchanges in Phase 2, Tanzania being among the target markets, adding to the already connected seven stock exchanges across 14 African countries.

Mr. Ibrahim Mshindo, Director of Business Development at DSE, reiterated Ms. Mniwasa’s sentiment to support the stockbrokers and securities dealers by forming an internal Steering Committee for the project implementation from the DSE point of view.

Overall, DSE remains committed to promoting the growth and development of the Tanzanian capital market and is enthusiastic about the opportunities presented by the African Exchanges Linkage Project.